LHUMSS Mission

The Hydraulics Laboratory of the Universidad Mayor de San Simón (LHUMSS) provides a wide range of specialized services, academic advice and information to companies, institutions and individuals in the management of water resources. The LHUMSS performs basic and applied research to ensure the quality of its services, it has the necessary infrastructure: research and teaching equipment, specialized software, library, database, etc.. LHUMSS´s staff is highly trained and has extensive experience. The LHUMSS is open to be part of international networks to manage research projects.

Our main interest is to support the sustainable development of water resources, and promote scientific and technological changes in economic, cultural and political factors that allow progress to enhance the status and welfare of the community.



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Laboratorio de Hidráulica    Telf. (591) (4) 4217370  -  Fax: (591) (4) 4767161
Av. Petrolera Km. 4.2, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Mail box: 6760 Torres Sofer
E-mail: lhumss@fcyt.umss.edu.bo

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